What to Look for in an M&A Advisor

Finding the right M&A advisor is key to successfully meeting your goals. The first step in establishing such a relationship is to understand the role that an advisor plays. While the term varies from region to region, the typical advisor positions their client – a selling company – as a strategic fit for target buyers, […]


Negotiating the Sale of Your Business

Most business owners have had their fair share of practice in negotiation, between managing and finalizing contracts for vendors, clients, and even contractors and employees. But when it comes to negotiating the sale of your business, it’s best to take a step back and consider where you may need to brush up on your skills. […]


Who Should You Sell Your Business To?

For many business owners, there comes an appropriate time to step away and hand over operations to a new owner. If you decide that selling your business is the right exit strategy, you may find yourself with a variety of different buyer options – and then it’s decision time. Should you sell to someone within […]


The Power of Recapitalization – What It Can Do for Your Business

A common misconception amongst business owners struggling to make ends meet is that they must give up their company completely in order to overcome the problem. While this may in fact be the case for some business owners, those who have a sound business strategy can remain in control of their business ventures when hard […]


Ease of Transferability Equates to Increased Valuation

Growing up we were constantly reminded of the importance of being organized and prepared and making sure that our responsibilities were being fulfilled. These two concepts have followed us now into our daily tasks both at home and in the workplace, but how well do we abide by them? These attributes are important for any […]


Why Every Business Owner Needs an Exit Plan

Business owners are often focused on the present moment, creating short-term goals to get them where they want to go fast; but what about a company’s long-term goal, as well as the owner’s future? An exit plan is one of the most overlooked components of owning a business. Aside from the initial start-up actions, you […]


2016 AM&AA Summer Conference

Symmetrical Managing Partner Chad Byers is the Chair of the 2016 AM&AA Summer Conference. Recently AM&AA asked Chad why this conference is a must-attend event for middle market M&A professionals. Read Chad’s letter to the AM&AA community below: From the Chair Dear Fellow M&A Professionals, On behalf of the AM&AA Conference Committee and the AM&AA Advisory […]


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