Quality over quantity: The benefits of working with experts

When selling a business, the last thing the business owner wants is to feel lost and confused. M&A transactions require a lot of time and energy and can be difficult to navigate on your own. To ensure the best deal on your own terms—while protecting your peace of mind—it’s worth the time and effort to enlist the help of an M&A advisor.

While some may be hesitant to enlist the help of experts, taking the time to prioritize the quality of their experience over the seeming quantity on your bottom line is important. M&A experts can help maneuver the ins and outs of the deal with the business owner’s best interests in mind and address the inevitable “deal killers” that pop up throughout the process. Other benefits of hiring M&A experts include:

1. A faster process

M&A deals require heavy paperwork and considerable negotiation. Having an expert with extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of M&A on your side frees up time and provides a powerful negotiator in your corner. As the saying goes, “time kills all deals.” The quicker you can execute on a transaction, the higher the probability of the deal actually closing. Various studies show that only approximately 30% of the companies that go to market end up transacting.

2. Improved comprehension

M&A negotiations are rarely straightforward. Besides the usual paperwork, there can often be delays due to market changes, legislative delays, or even just negotiations. Having an expert to go through the process means having a better understanding of what is happening at all times and why.

3. Risk reduction

Delegating help to M&A experts can be what secures the deal in the first place. Experts can provide clear analytics and data to buyers, build competitive tension, avoid common pitfalls, and negotiate as pros to ensure the best deal goes forward.

4. Access to contacts

Most M&A experts will already have a list of contacts that can benefit the deal in some way. On a high level, they can provide potential buyers to whom the business can be sold. On a more granular level, they can provide potential contacts for building a lead team, for example, an M&A attorney, wealth manager, or tax strategist.

5. A better deal

Working with M&A experts allows you to go beyond the basics of asking price and valuation to negotiate your best deal. Experts will dig deep and formulate a comprehensive strategy to execute in order to get you the deal that you want. Good M&A advisors should be able to cover their fees based upon the improved outcomes their clients achieve compared to going at it alone.

Let Symmetrical M&A Advisory be a resource for your next big deal; contact us for a confidential discussion of your specific situation. We have experience helping business owners across a variety of industries sell their businesses, as well as relationships with buyers who are interested in new opportunities.

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