Our Approach to the M&A Process

Sometimes, owners who are thinking about selling their middle market business will consider managing the sale on their own, relying their internal team and existing attorney and accountant relationships. At first glance, this may seem doable… but most discover that they need the expertise, support, and extra staff power that a partner who specializes in the Merger & Acquisition process can provide. Choosing an intermediary to work with is a uniquely personal decision. No two firms are exactly alike and there are many different approaches to the business of selling a business.

Symmetrical’s Approach

Our goal in selling a business is to provide our clients with options, allowing them to achieve all of their goals – financial and otherwise. We understand that while selling a business may be predominantly a financial issue for the shareholders, a lot of other factors are involved in the ultimate value of the transaction: the timing of the close, the terms of your exit, the treatment of your employees, and the continuation of your legacy.

Our clients should expect to approve a customized sales and marketing plan that capitalizes on the competitive market that has been created. Our team then executes this plan on your behalf. This approach requires a variety of different skills. Symmetrical Advisory leverages the collective strengths of its M&A advisors by assigning a team of professionals to each client based upon industry and situational factors.

A Long-Term Partnership

We serve as the sounding board to several hundred business owners across the United States. In the early stages of these discussions, Symmetrical strategizes with owners to determine the right time to sell along with the appropriate steps to take to achieve the greatest value for the business. It is not uncommon for us to begin our relationships 10-15 years before any sale takes place, and for us to continue supporting our clients for many years after a completed transaction.

Finding the Right Team For You

Like any hiring decision, hiring the right intermediary should take time. We encourage you to evaluate multiple candidates and chat with their references. Compare approaches and processes, and consider each firm’s experience in your industry, geographic region, and preferred target buyer type. The M&A process is often intense. The team you are most comfortable with and is the most qualified for your unique situation will ultimately get you the best outcome.

Symmetrical assists middle market companies strategically assess their options and prepare for big transitions. If you are curious whether we may be a good fit for you, contact us for a confidential discussion about how we can help.

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