How to Make Your Acquisitions Successful During the Digital Age

The digital era has profoundly changed how business is done — especially in the years following the pandemic, with the rise of working from home and new technology like AI. What does that mean for M&A? There are new opportunities for business owners looking to sell their company and new areas of important due diligence. At Symmetrical, we can help business owners navigate this ever-changing M&A landscape. Here are four tips to maximize your acquisition.

1. Harness Technology for Research

We are in the era of big data for business. When it comes to M&A, that can be used to your advantage. Data analytics can create deeper insights into the finances and operations of potential acquisition candidates, helping you better understand which company can best add value and complement your business.

2. Understand How Companies Use Technology

In many industries, the pandemic has irrevocably changed how work is done. Whether it’s a work-from-home or hybrid setup or simply adopting new workplace tools, businesses operate differently today than they did four years ago. As a business owner looking to sell, it’s important to evaluate the cultural fit and the technological compatibility between your company and an acquisition candidate.

3. Create a Plan for System Integration

Smooth integration is key to any successful acquisition. Even if two companies might be compatible in the way they use technology, they might be using completely different programs. That can be disruptive for employees who have to learn new technology. By thinking about these issues beforehand, you can prepare and train your employees ahead of time to ensure they hit the ground running once the acquisition is complete.

4. Don’t Forget About Digital Assets

Many of today’s businesses rely on digital assets like social media pages to build and maintain their brand identity. It’s important to develop a plan for what happens to these assets during a acquisition. For instance, if you’re selling your company, how can you ensure your hard-earned social media followers stay attached to the new business? Simply leaving a social media page behind usually isn’t the best option; instead, focus on ways to maximize existing digital assets and ensure they’re integrated into the new company.

At Symmetrical, we have a team of experienced professionals who can offer guidance on the M&A process in our evolving, digital-first world. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate your acquisition.

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